Accidents Happen…

I’ve given the blog some more thought, still racking my brain over my potential audience. Then I thought, what the hell, write what comes and well, here we are. Hopefully it’s not an awkward situation.

Speaking of awkward situations, there’s nothing quite like getting rear ended. On the way home. On Valentines Day. And to find out that the woman didn’t pay the ticket!

That’s my luck. Or should I say our luck since exactly a year ago on Valentines Day 2016 my husband had an accident pulling out of a Walgreens. There were unfortunate circumstances in his case because it snowed like it wanted to bury us in a frozen coffin.

My accident happened to take place during the warmest February I’ve ever experienced in Chicago. If anyone told me we’d be hitting 70 degrees I’d laugh in their face and assume they were drunk.

So now I’m forced to go to court. On Wednesday! I consider myself lucky that the court actually called me to let me know since the witness notice still hasn’t made it to my house. Now I know it’s nothing more than an inconvenience, but this woman has to pay! Of course, the damages are being taken care of through her insurance, but why should she not have to pay the ticket? Why should I not show up and let her keep her perfect (maybe?) record?

That is the one advice that I can pass along from this experience. The lady at the court mentioned that though she can’t vouch for a judge, he has the ability to throw out the ticket and so I should go. I was glad she was frank with me, it definitely helped me make the decision.

On a happy note, for some reason getting that call this morning, spurred me to writing. The rest of the story is being posted today!

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