Let’s talk date nights 

It took me roughly two years to realize that date nights are important. Two kids back to back will make it difficult to have any sort of social life to speak of. Most of the time it’s even impossible to be alone in the bathroom. But I digress.

Date nights, as yesterday has enlightened me, are one of the essential ingredients in not only maintaining your relationship, but also keeping your sanity. Therefore, my advice goes something like this:

Suck it up, and go for it!

I only say this because a date night as a parent has to be planned pretty well in advance. Due to this, there will be many obstacles along the way, which makes keeping your original resolve difficult. In our case, almost impossible.

The night before our very planned, scheduled, I-have-a-baby-sitter-so-we-can’t-screw-this-up date night, my husbands elbow flared up! And by flared up I mean by Saturday morning there was no elbow to speak of, just a huge bump of fluid.Naturally, before Saturday morning came, he made the decision to go to the ER (since it was already 10 pm) and get things checked out.


Though obviously the diagnoses could have been much worse, bursitis is inflammation of the fluid filled sac in between joints, or in other words, the bursa. This meant among other things, pain, a huge elbow, redness, swelling, and a heavy dose of antibiotics. None of these are ever a recipe for a good time. Especially, not me starting to get a head to go with it all.

After posing the question of whether we still want to go back and forth between us, my husband made the ultimate decision, we would suck it up and go. Everything had been set up. My parents were baby sitting. Happily may I add since I’m sure having both of my boys at the same time isn’t easy for them. I know it isn’t for me and I’m the mom.

In the end, the night went great! We got some souvenirs, a good dinner, drinks (even though I never finished mine, as per the aforementioned headache), and great memories. Even the boys went to bed without a fight when we got home.

So, once a night is already planned, go for it! I mean, why would I ever want to skip out on our yearly date night with Piff the Magic Dragon!

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