Sometimes things just don’t work out…

I don’t necessarily mean this in a life changing matter, though that does happen too, but rather on a day to day basis. Most of the day, week, month, or year even, are spent in the pursuit of things. I believe that some of these things could be actual objects, be it new clothing, a new movie. Sometimes though, those things could be time spent with others or a vacation.

Unfortunately though, kids tend to complicate the deal. Leaving the house with kids feels about the same way as my husbands most recent elbow trauma. And for some reason, that is what I really wanted to do.

Getting home from work yesterday invigorated me and filled me with new energy. From where this came from is still a mystery to me. We both worked during the week in our own way, which usually makes Friday night a time to wind down, to attempt not to think about the next day or two. Instead, I called Rainforest Cafe and made a reservation for a Saturday.

Now, I know what any sane mom in this moment is thinking. ARE YOU NUTS? To me it seemed like a great idea. We all haven’t been out in a while and there aren’t many places to go during the cold weather besides the mall.

Leaving on time that day was the easiest part, it was the rest that made it seem like a Herculean task. The parking, the strollers, the jackets, the blankets. After a while the entire process only makes you dizzy. All of this, made us walk in to the mall at exactly the time that we had our reservation.

For anyone who has been to Rainforest Cafe on a weekend, the line is obnoxiously long. Our experience was no exception to the rule. The line we were faced with meant that we still wouldn’t be able to reach the front for at least a half an hour despite our reservation. Trying not to think anything of it, we just moved on with our mall experience. Which soon took a turn for the worst.

Our smallest addition, who is almost four months old, decided that this was the time he would cry. Normally a calm baby, this is the moment where he thought it would be good to voice his opinion. Only after some walking and frustration, did he take a bottle and calm down. By that point, we were thoroughly done. Our oldest discovered the elevator while his brother fed causing my husband to go up and down no less than five times.

Though we were able to accomplish a few things and making the best of the experience, we have also learned a valuable lesson. Kids make going out difficult, but no less worth a try. Like any adult, they need to get out too and enjoy the world. It is up to us as adults, however, to attempt to make the best of the experience and take their moods as they come.

Also, we will never attempt Rainforest Cafe on a weekend again.

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