Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t

A little life lesson learned. Literally, sometimes things work out, and then sometimes they don’t.

The dentist worked out. During a routine cleaning three weeks ago, the news wasn’t so good. I would need a crown. One of the first things through my head: oh heavens the cost! The second: oh heavens the pain! After having gone through one crown already, I was definitely not looking forward to another. Fast forward to yesterday, I don’t need a crown! This worked out! It’s also a good life lesson that second opinions should always be heard. And to trust the people who have done a great job for many many years. Needless to say, without even having to touch the tooth, he fixed the pain!

Hopeful that things will work out: my husbands physical therapy. Getting bursitis did not appear to be very pleasant especially with the prospect of having needles shoved in to your elbow. But that worked out. Needles avoided! But, physical therapy is needed for the pain in his shoulder. So appointments were made and now we’re hopeful that it will work out.

But, of course, the week cannot end of a good and boring note. He’s not feeling well. After having to take care of two kids all day. Who mind you, decided to sleep in this morning (first time in a very long time), and had their naps screwed up. Mr. 20 month old, decided that he wasn’t going to nap until 3pm, which then pushes back his bed time. Both are painful processes.

So now we’re stuck with the things that don’t work out. And it’s hard to take the lessons learned for now since we’re in the fit of things, but all will be well. Right? There’s no way a parent would wake a sleeping baby just to get naps on schedule even if bedtime at night goes 2 hours later than usual. There’s no real way to avoid getting sick, with such crazy Chicago weather!

In the end, things will work out. I will cross my fingers for as long as it takes, even if they fall off!

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