Nothing worse

There’s really nothing worse than a sick child. We’ve experienced one version of this exactly last year, with our son having brain surgery on May 19th. Though we planned on a nice family weekend around the 19th this year (and in some ways we got it), it’s also been rather tough.

It’s been tough to think about what we’ve been through last year. Looking at all the photos of that time doesn’t improve things much. But to top it all off, on the 19th, he started developing a fever, which is still there. It goes on and off, but he’s been completely miserable.

That’s where I came to the conclusion that having a sick child is the worst. As a parent, you worry about everything and though you know it may be nothing serious, you feel helpless. There’s not much that I can do for him except be there as much as possible, but you watch them going through it. Though he’s mostly been his fun self, by today, I can tell he’s over it. He doesn’t really want to leave his room, keeping his daddy in there with him, and when he’s not there, he just wants to be held. Anything else, brings him down in instant tears.

We will see what tomorrow brings. Though I had a long weekend already, it may have to be extended. As much as I don’t want to put him through it, if his temperature doesn’t remain stable, we’ll be on our way to the doctor and that’s an experience none of us want to go through.

So, I will treasure all the moments when he’s feeling great. Pray that he doesn’t get sick often. And then attempt to catch up on some sleep after being awake from 4am.

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