Make the best of it…

It’s difficult to make the best of it, as each circumstance is not equal to the other. Though I’ve been presented with many such opportunities, I think I learned that lesson more this past week.

To start with, it seems that we’ve been having a bout of bad luck. Around two weeks ago now, I took a couple of days off in order to spend some time as a family. The timing was designed specifically so that we could all be together on the one anniversary of my son’s brain tumor surgery. Well, though the days were going great, my son developed a fever. And it lasted 4 days.

So, that brought us to Monday, where I didn’t go to work. My husband and I still remember the weekend positively even though he had that fever, as there was nothing else wrong. It seemed that, besides getting tired every once in a while, he didn’t have any other symptoms and acted the same way he always does. But of course, since the fever was still there somewhat, I stayed home.

The rain that kept on pouring all weekend and well in to the week, making the days feel dreary. There was not much to do, all of us stuck inside most of the time, so we started looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. The weather prognoses was looking good!

Wednesday came around, I’d managed to get through two full days of work. It seemed that some higher power was having a laugh at our expense. I broke my toe! My little pinky toe! OUCH! I’m sure not everyone manages to break that toe, but let me tell you right now, it’s an awful sort of pain. Well, the routine had to take place, the hospital, the X-Rays, the wonderful and stylish boot, and of course, home.

By that point, I’m exhausted and my poor husband is loosing his mind. The kids refused to sleep on time that day, and I was of no use. Talk about feeling useless.

So I stayed home another two days, the weekend, and then Monday was a holiday. Now I find myself back at work, hoping that I could make it, oh I don’t know, a couple of months, before having to call off again.

Though I feel terrible, about my wonderful luck keeping me at home, I look at the weekend positively. Sure, I was immobile most of the time, couldn’t really go swimming, or even walk around my own house, but it was a good time. We had more time as a family and spent the time together. That’s all that mattered in the end. We did get to see family and a good friend, but in the end we were always together. The kids were in a great mood and my oldest handed out hugs to practically everyone. Our youngest decided now was the time to start developing his crawling skills, amusing us with the way he roams the front room. There are lots and lots of pictures! And guess what, they don’t document my broken toe at all. One day, it’ll be a fond memory, where we made the best of it.

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