Poem of the Week!


A golden glow 

spread across the land. 

The sun sinking low 

beyond the horizon, 

melting fluffy snow. 

Bringing end of winter 

With its spring like an arrow, 

shot through the season. 

A singing of the sparrow. 

Beautiful blooming flowers, 

stand proud in colors of yellow, 

accenting the garden, 

as the summer comes out of its shadow. 



Click! Clack! 

Hooves on the ground 

Leading forward 

Hoo! Hoo! 

An owl called 

Signaling the start of night 

Swish! Swish! 

Leaves on the trees 

Moved with the wind 

Woosh! Woosh! 

The wild wind 

Tussled the rider 


The door closed behind him 



“New Life”

Protesting wails. 

Protesting cries. 

Little eyes closed, 

the lights too bright. 

The world is scary 

with its loud sounds. 

A comforting warmth 

is holding him close. 

Calming him down, 

to sleep in her arms. 

Showered with kisses 

and tears of joys.



“Cup of Coffee”

The cup of coffee

Warmed her through.

She felt the eyes

of someone new.

Their honey color

blushed her cheeks.

A smile spread against her will,

her feet walked forward,

they met each other in the middle.

Extending his arm, they walked

to the door.

Starting a new life.


"Stories of Love"

Stories flowed through him

On to the paper. Typewriter clinking

Through the dead of night.

His love did not dare to care

About his admissions of love,

Strong as they were in the words he used

A recluse he was, writing his stories,

Meeting his end in a small wooden hut.

Her blond and blue eyes before his own;

She still did not dare to care


A small lively horse

Hooves clacking around the road

A lovely spring day


From above, the world

is a vibrant sea of green


From above, the world

sparkles blue with its oceans


From above, the world

is a maze of lights against the darkness


From above, the world

turns from day to night with the moon and sun


From above, the world

reveals all its living beings


From above, the world

seems a place full of wonder


Bitter winter cold

From across the frozen lake

A lovely owl hoots