Murderous thunder booms through the night
In time to the beat of his typewriter.
Sipping his whiskey, he pondered the sentence.
Dramatic or understated;
Lively or dark.
His story took him places,
He never thought he’d go.
Another sip and drag of his cigar,
Cleared the fog that clogged his mind.
There must be more to life than this,
Though not for his protagonist.
He kills him in a fit of rage.
Another sip to drown the sorrow.


A golden glow 
spread across the land. 
The sun sinking low 
beyond the horizon, 
melting fluffy snow. 
Bringing end of winter 
With its spring like an arrow, 
shot through the season. 
A singing of the sparrow. 
Beautiful blooming flowers, 
stand proud in colors of yellow, 
accenting the garden, 
as the summer comes out of its shadow. 


Click! Clack! 
Hooves on the ground 
Leading forward 
Hoo! Hoo! 
An owl called 
Signaling the start of night 
Swish! Swish! 
Leaves on the trees 
Moved with the wind 
Woosh! Woosh! 
The wild wind 
Tussled the rider 
The door closed behind him